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11.12 GALLERY is located at the CCA Winzavod, one of the first Russian cluster devoted to contemporary art. It moved there after several years since its foundation in 2005. There was also a branch in Singapore for a short time.
The heart and the soul of the 11.12 GALLERY is its founder and owner Alexandr Sharov. He is a driving force and initiative center of all ambitious ideas and concepts by which the gallery stands out qualitatively within Russian art community. Now it’s possible to reveal the corporate identity highlighted 11.12 GALLERY.
The gallery team is free to contact for new enterprises which divide the professional area and get to know more people with contemporary art. That’s why all issues, regarding the affordability of either the whole art content or the technical ways of its showing and implementation, are really important to the gallery. In 2020 the digital terminal was launched. In fact it’s online edition of the gallery located at CUBE Moscow as a specific display stand.
One more thing makes 11.12 GALLERY very special, namely a cooperation with regional artists and artistic institutions. Due to thew fact that artistic activities are really authentic and diverse beyond Moscow, the gallery focuses on it representing the artists from different parts of Russia Omsk, Ufa, Krasnoyarsk, Krasnoyarsk, Kaluga, Tver, Krasnodar, Ekaterinburg.
11.12 GALLERY cooperates with the main Russian museums and organises relevant projects aimed at popularisation of contemporary art. Among them, «Dvoegorsk» by Rinat Voligamsi and «Not Belong There, Not Belong Here» by Slava Ptrk at Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art, «Forever» by Damir Muratov at Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow. Also the gallery works together with the independent organisations, such as Triennale of Contemporary Art in Garage, Nikola-Lenivets, Museum Center Ploschad Mira in Krasnoyarsk, CCA Winzavod, CUBE Moscow, Triumph Gallery, Rostov Gallery, Miras Gallery, Levaya Noga Gallery, ArtEtage etc.
Besides non-profit projects 11.12 GALLERY cooperates with the organisations in finance and touristic spheres as well as the designers arranging about integration and decoration of high class places with pieces of contemporary art as part of the collaboration projects.
In portfolio of 11.12 GALLERY are participations in such international art events as Art Central (Hong Kong), DA!Moscow (Russia), CONTEXT Art Miami (USA), Art Miami New York (USA), Moniker Art Fair (USA), Art Wynwood (USA), Art Chicago (USA), Cosmoscow (Russia), Art Kiev Contemporary (Ukraine), Art Tbilisi (Georgia), Art Moscow (Russia), Art Stage (Singapore), Art Beijing (China), Art Manege (Russia), Art Vilnius (Lithuania).

founder, inspirer and permanent director of 11.12 GALLERY


« … I was born in Moscow in 1964. In the 80s, I graduated from the Institute of Communications. In the 90’s I started the packaging business, which later, in the early the ’00s, allowed me to open the first showroom of contemporary art in Barvikha, where I exhibited the works of my artist friends: Lesha Alpatov, Max Basheva, Sasha Zhernokluev, Vladimir Semenskiy. In parallel, I began collecting art. Now I have about a hundred works in my collection (mostly from the beginning of the XXI century). I can’t cooperate with artists on principle if I don’t want to have their work in my collection. It is difficult for an ignorant person to distinguish between collecting and hoarding. I consider myself to be the second type: those who buy randomly based on emotions. A collection is

always a structure that restricts the freedom of choice: whether it is a period, and/or a technique.

Today, I can say that I happy with my success, because the works of artists of my gallery, who once started with me, now live in museums, large private collections, and are sold at international fairs and auctions on both sides of the ocean: from Miami to Singapore.

Quite quickly, within a few years, the showroom was reborn into a full-fledged gallery, which I named from the date of my birth: “11.12”. At the same time, I was lucky enough to settle it in the centre for contemporary art “Winzavod”, where we have been living happily for ten years».

Current projects

Exhibition in the gallery

Anna Selina


24 January – 4 March 2023

Is there anything more stereotypical and uncertain than the relevance of an artist in the world? The lack of a sufficient source led to the fact that opinions around it were changing at different times, and against this background a large number of conjectures arose, which made it difficult for an ordinary person to guess what it was like to be an artist. This paradigm is still relevant. If you ask people, even those who regularly attend exhibitions, what they think is the uniqueness of a creative person, then you can collect a whole kaleidoscope of images: a closed mad genius; a Bohemian with a unique vision of the world; a calculating deceiver and a cheat; a painstaking and diligent hard worker. Each of these images, although fundamentally incorrect, however, may contain a hint of the truth.

In her new project, Anna Selina tries to realize through her experience, separating the grain from the chaff, facts from speculation, and show in her artworks who the artist is.

At art school, the artist had to make a self-presentation at the first time in her life. She remembers that it happened in a psychology class, where this issue arose. Then it seemed that painting has a lot in common with magic because with its help you can influence and control people’s feelings. The minds of young artists were excited by this fact, something mystical was hidden behind the seemingly technical ability to draw. And only the personal experience that gave ups and downs helped Anna Selina to understand for herself what is hidden behind the word «artist”.

What did she understand for herself? The answer was extremely simple: there was no sense in searching for the truth or constructing a mystification about the role of the artist in our world. After all, any genius is just a human being. He can also get tired, disappointed, make mistakes, which obviously will be displayed in the artworks. No one is obliged to create masterpieces over and over again for the glory of world history. The only desire is to embody your creative impulses, which can “emotionally catch” other people around. And the simpler the artist treats himself, the more sincere it will be to set up a connection with the viewer.

But we need to understand that this is only the point of view of one artist. And as you know, as many people, so many opinions. Anna Selina in her works does not try to be serious and teach her viewers. On the contrary, she expects the same reaction from them to her artworks. You can share her position or not, the choice will always be yours, and the artist only offers one of the ways. After walking through it, the audience will have a chance to understand the artist to some extent, to find themselves on his side of the canvas. In the end, art is always a big game where the audience competes with the artist, artists compete with each other, and contemporary competes with classic.