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11.12 GALLERY is located at the CCA Winzavod, one of the first Russian cluster devoted to contemporary art. It moved there after several years since its foundation in 2005. There was also a branch in Singapore for a short time.
The heart and the soul of the 11.12 GALLERY is its founder and owner Alexandr Sharov. He is a driving force and initiative center of all ambitious ideas and concepts by which the gallery stands out qualitatively within Russian art community. Now it’s possible to reveal the corporate identity highlighted 11.12 GALLERY.
The gallery team is free to contact for new enterprises which divide the professional area and get to know more people with contemporary art. That’s why all issues, regarding the affordability of either the whole art content or the technical ways of its showing and implementation, are really important to the gallery. In 2020 the digital terminal was launched. In fact it’s online edition of the gallery located at CUBE Moscow as a specific display stand.
One more thing makes 11.12 GALLERY very special, namely a cooperation with regional artists and artistic institutions. Due to thew fact that artistic activities are really authentic and diverse beyond Moscow, the gallery focuses on it representing the artists from different parts of Russia Omsk, Ufa, Krasnoyarsk, Krasnoyarsk, Kaluga, Tver, Krasnodar, Ekaterinburg.
11.12 GALLERY cooperates with the main Russian museums and organises relevant projects aimed at popularisation of contemporary art. Among them, «Dvoegorsk» by Rinat Voligamsi and «Not Belong There, Not Belong Here» by Slava Ptrk at Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art, «Forever» by Damir Muratov at Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow. Also the gallery works together with the independent organisations, such as Triennale of Contemporary Art in Garage, Nikola-Lenivets, Museum Center Ploschad Mira in Krasnoyarsk, CCA Winzavod, CUBE Moscow, Triumph Gallery, Rostov Gallery, Miras Gallery, Levaya Noga Gallery, ArtEtage etc.
Besides non-profit projects 11.12 GALLERY cooperates with the organisations in finance and touristic spheres as well as the designers arranging about integration and decoration of high class places with pieces of contemporary art as part of the collaboration projects.
In portfolio of 11.12 GALLERY are participations in such international art events as Art Central (Hong Kong), DA!Moscow (Russia), CONTEXT Art Miami (USA), Art Miami New York (USA), Moniker Art Fair (USA), Art Wynwood (USA), Art Chicago (USA), Cosmoscow (Russia), Art Kiev Contemporary (Ukraine), Art Tbilisi (Georgia), Art Moscow (Russia), Art Stage (Singapore), Art Beijing (China), Art Manege (Russia), Art Vilnius (Lithuania).

founder, inspirer and permanent director of 11.12 GALLERY


« … I was born in Moscow in 1964. In the 80s, I graduated from the Institute of Communications. In the 90’s I started the packaging business, which later, in the early the ’00s, allowed me to open the first showroom of contemporary art in Barvikha, where I exhibited the works of my artist friends: Lesha Alpatov, Max Basheva, Sasha Zhernokluev, Vladimir Semenskiy. In parallel, I began collecting art. Now I have about a hundred works in my collection (mostly from the beginning of the XXI century). I can’t cooperate with artists on principle if I don’t want to have their work in my collection. It is difficult for an ignorant person to distinguish between collecting and hoarding. I consider myself to be the second type: those who buy randomly based on emotions. A collection is

always a structure that restricts the freedom of choice: whether it is a period, and/or a technique.

Today, I can say that I happy with my success, because the works of artists of my gallery, who once started with me, now live in museums, large private collections, and are sold at international fairs and auctions on both sides of the ocean: from Miami to Singapore.

Quite quickly, within a few years, the showroom was reborn into a full-fledged gallery, which I named from the date of my birth: “11.12”. At the same time, I was lucky enough to settle it in the centre for contemporary art “Winzavod”, where we have been living happily for ten years».

Current projects

Exhibition in the gallery

Sergey Ovseykin

Up in the Air

July 15 – August 20

Everyone knows the feeling when a phrase or sentencethat you’ve just said does not receive areaction, and an awkward silence drops. Like astronautsin zero gravity who lost their support, wecannot return the conversation to the previous course.We freeze in tension, feeling that the wordsare «hanging in the air».Sergey Ovseykin keeps this feeling of verbal weightlessnessin his project, transforming it intoparticular artworks. For the artist, the languageof metaphors is important, which emphasizes theconception with its literary base and enriches thediversity of forms in its representation at the sametime. In this context, Ovseykin is very similar toRene Magritte, who often used laconic but clearimages, which later became a kind of visual proverbsand sayings.We can easily divide all the artworks into two categories:those associated with the experience ofwhat has already been said due to an irreversibleaction, and those that cause tension from waitingfor a response. They are mixed, but they are easyto know according to the image. The first ischaracterized by the metaphysical nature of a semi-abstractlanguage. We can see the clouds, beingthe personification of weightlessness, “hang” in variouspositions, as well as our just voicedthoughts, which are no longer held by a golden cageof a mind. And immediately there comes amoment of awareness, which quickly flows into thewaiting mode for an answer. The thoughts arerushing at breakneck speed, changing pictures andrepresentations in the head. The artworks of thesecond type are extremely objective and even plot-oriented,but because of the feeling of anxiety,they consist of completely absurd images.
In the project “Up in the Air”, Ovseykin offers his vision of how the human brain can work inawkward moments of stalled conversations. Of course,this algorithm cannot be the same foreveryone. The artist only shows what options theremay be, among which you can choose the oneclosest to you.

Выставка партнеров

Sonya Kobozeva
«Break 15 minutes»

NCCA Arsenal (Nizhny Novgorod) March 3 – August 29 2021

The name of the project refers to the practices of rest and recuperation, for which we spend the conditional 15 minutes. This unplanned “gap” in the work rhythm is difficult to predict and predict, because it is not tied to astronomical time. The pandemic and its associated constraints have made us all wonder about the passage of time. As might be expected, work and rest were most susceptible to such events.
In the part of the project dedicated to labor, through installations, painting, graphics, video, modern sculpture and photography, a route has been built on the main topics: workspaces, labor ideology and its future, “escape” from the office – and return to craft practices, as well as, of course, the digitalization of personality and work processes, which has become especially relevant during the time of self-isolation.
The artist’s work on recreation offers two main approaches to reimagining it. First, these are collective practices that involve active participation, such as beach resorts, festivals, feasts, and tourism. Secondly, it is an appeal to one’s own experience of contemplation and inactivity: meditation, observation of nature, spiritual practices that have been gaining popularity in recent years.