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11.12 GALLERY is a contemporary art gallery located in the center of Moscow’s Winzavod Centre for Contemporary Art. Alexander Sharov established the Gallery in 2006 and seven years later he also opened a branch in Singapore. The gallery is dedicated to the promotion of artists while providing a venue of high quality original art. For the past ten years gallery introduces Russian and Western audience with works of contemporary art, artists, art practices and current trends in both the Moscow and regional schools in Russian art. The founder of the gallery lectures in RMA business-school, on the development of the Russian art market. The Gallery is a permanent member of various international art events: fairs, biennale of contemporary art. Gallery’s artists participated in such a signifcant international event as Venice Biennale of contemporary art, they also were presented at Moscow Biennale of contemporary art, Ural industrial biennale of contemporary art, Krasnoyarsk international museum biennale. Artworks of our artists are in collections of such institutions as: Tsukanov Family Foundation (Great Britain), The Foundation of Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantine Sorokin (Russia), Whaite Rabbit Collection (Australia), Redbase Contemporary Art Foundation (Indonesia), Foundation Francès (France), Moscow Museum of Modern Art, The State Russian Museum (Saint-Petersburg), the State Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow), Museum of Modern Fine Art (Minsk).

The gallery also organizes diferent events in the feld of art in Russia and abroad.

In portfolio of 11.12 GALLERY are participations in such international art events as CONTEXT Art Miami (USA), Art Miami New York (USA), Art Chicago (USA), Cosmoscow (Russia), Art Kiev Contemporary (Ukraine), Art Moscow (Russia), Art Stage (Singapore), Scope New York (USA), Scope Miami (USA), Scope Basel (Switzerland), Art Beijing (China), Art Manege (Russia), Art Vilnius (Lithuania) etc.

founder, inspirer and permanent director of 11.12 GALLERY


« … I was born in Moscow in 1964. In the 80s, I graduated from the Institute of Communications. In the 90’s I started the packaging business, which later, in the early the ’00s, allowed me to open the first showroom of contemporary art in Barvikha, where I exhibited the works of my artist friends: Lesha Alpatov, Max Basheva, Sasha Zhernokluev, Vladimir Semenskiy. In parallel, I began collecting art. Now I have about a hundred works in my collection (mostly from the beginning of the XXI century). I can’t cooperate with artists on principle if I don’t want to have their work in my collection. It is difficult for an ignorant person to distinguish between collecting and hoarding. I consider myself to be the second type: those who buy randomly based on emotions. A collection is

always a structure that restricts the freedom of choice: whether it is a period, and/or a technique.

Today, I can say that I happy with my success, because the works of artists of my gallery, who once started with me, now live in museums, large private collections, and are sold at international fairs and auctions on both sides of the ocean: from Miami to Singapore.

Quite quickly, within a few years, the showroom was reborn into a full-fledged gallery, which I named from the date of my birth: “11.12”. At the same time, I was lucky enough to settle it in the centre for contemporary art “Winzavod”, where we have been living happily for ten years».