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The art-sect Simple Things was founded by Vladimir Efremenko (born 1987) and Natalia Shvetsova (born 1989) in 2016. Vladimir studied at the St. Petersburg school of jewelry making, and Natalia graduated from Tver State University with a degree in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics. They live and work in Tver.

In every single artworks the artists put their attitude to various phenomena,
problems, and situations of modern reality. The art-sect Simple Things’ art
sometimes looks like children’s toys and attract with their brightness and expressiveness, although artworks are often highly social and devoted too far from rosy topics. Behind a spectacular image there is always a complex question of relationship with the world around you. Using the language of pop art, shifted to modern realities, the art-sect Simple Things reveals the trembling social problems in a bright playful manner. Emojis, brands, signs, images, and text merge into expressive works whose extraordinary characters try to describe the trends of the modern world that are passed through the perception of artists.

Selected Solo Exhibitions



Landscape Escape. 11.12 GALLERY, Moscow



Selected Group exhibitions



Pre-auction exhibition «All for 100 – Spring 2018». VLADEY Space, Moscow



Opening of Art Extreme Park Godzilla. Art Extreme Park Godzilla, Tver’


International Contemporary Art Fair Cosmoscow. Moscow

International Contemporary Art Fair Blazar. Moscow



International Contemporary Tbilisi Art Fair. Tbilisi

Russian Art & Antique Fair. Moscow



International Contemporary Art Fair Context Art Miami. Miami

International Contemporary Art Fair Context. Moscow

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