Slava Ptrk

Slava PTRK

Slava PTRK was born in 1990 in Sverdlovsk region. His techniques are stencil, installation, poster, city interventions, free spray. His specialization are social and political statements, interactive projects. Artist graduated from Bronnikov’s art school (Shadrinsk), the Ural State University (now the Ural Federal University named the first President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin, Ekaterinburg), Department of journalism, specialty – print media. One of curators and ideologists of «Sweater» street art gallery (Ekaterinburg). In the recent past, the site editor of street art and graffiti «Stenograffy», curator of the space «Stencil» at «Stenograffy» festival.

When Slava was 14 years old, he started to create tags, later continued with bombing tagging and simple stencils. In 2010 he changes the direction into the usage of stencils in his works. With stencils, even without a perfect ability of drawing, you can create quality artworks in a short period of time. He became famous when he created a stencil art piece depicts Patriarch Kirill with a moneybag-shaped head. In addition, you can see the direction developed further more in the projects «Street Dirt», «Everything is not how it looks like», «Visibility», «Senility is not jollity» etc. Most of the time, he creates stencil art, where the main idea represents his political views.

As it was partly mentioned before, the artist assumes, that with a help of his graffitied is possible to express the audience his own point of view on some issues. That is the reason why all his projects have greater significance. He likes to work on the streets and see the reaction of the people passing by. The young artist always experimenting with different technics to make his artworks look innovative and fresh and, moreover, to fulfill with social message. That is how Slava Ptrk expresses his own artistic attitude and civil standpoint.

A significant project created by Slava Ptrk was a collaboration with the SPBCH band — “1999”. It was dedicated to the memory of the events of the first and second Chechen wars. Memories of witnesses and soldiers are gathered together and turned into a total installation at an abandoned military facility near Moscow. The project showed personal, subjective and unique stories of people, and through the prism of each hero’s unique experience told about those events once again and highlighted the need of any war.





1999. 11.12 GALLERY, Moscow



Not Needed There. Not Needed Here. Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow

Solitude. Alvitr Gallery, Ekaterinburg



I Am Here Alone. 11.12 GALLERY, Moscow



Street Dirt. ETAGI loft project, Saint-Petersburg






Para Bellum. City Contemporary Art Museum, Vladivostok

State Emergency. Triumph Gallery, Moscow

It’s Time. «Na Peschanoy» Gallery, Moscow



Ptrk, Muratov et cetera… CCA Winzavod, Moscow



Sings of the Times. Parallel program of Contemporary Art Biennale «Abracadabra». Belyaevo gallery, Moscow.

Street Art Festival Stencilibity, Tartu



Workshop 2017. A Place, Where Nobody Has a Dream: from Sacred Geography to Non-Place. Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow

Come Home. Institute of Russian Realist Art, Moscow

Guilty! Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow

Make History. Museum of Moscow, Moscow

Here Is Not Moscow! Vladey Space, Moscow



KOTORiy. Dunkey Art Center, Kotor

Anti-Museum. Part 1. Electro-museum, Moscow



CloneArt 2. Valencia, Spain

Remember Tomorrow. Street Art Museum, Saint-Petersburg

Street Art Festival «Stenograffy. Ekaterinburg

Portrait Now! Erarta Museum, Historical museum Frederksborg, Saint-Petersburg / Copenhagen

Common History. Ural Vision Gallery, Ekaterinburg



Transit Zone. PERMM contemporary art museum, Perm

Public art festival «Art-Prospect». Saint-Petersburg

Street art festival «The Best City on Earth». Moscow

Street art festival «Stenograffy». Ekaterinburg



Floor. Anti-café «4 rooms», Ekaterinburg

Boards – Paints 2013. Taiga creative space, Saint-Petersburg

Something That Was Not. Ural branch of the NCCA, Ekaterinburg

10th Krasnoyarsk Museum Biennale of Contemporary Art «Love of the Space». Krasnoyarsk     

Street art festival «Stenograffy». Ekaterinburg



Show Me Yourself. «Krasivo» gallery, Saint-Petersburg

Street art festival «Stenograffy». Ekaterinburg



White Nights. Perm Alive festival, Perm

Street art festival «Stenograffy». Ekaterinburg




International Contemporary Art Fair Blazar. Moscow



International Contemporary Moniker Art Fair. New York



International Contemporary Art Fair Cosmoscow. Moscow




Winner of the international competition Portrait Now! (Copenhagen, Denmark) with the project «Street Dirt»

Winner in the nomination «Street art work of the year»



Winner of Russian National Prize in the field of street art MOST

Winner of the competition for young artists of the Urals, Siberia and Far East in  Krasnoyarsk Book Culture Fair



Nominee for Kuryokhin prize in section «Art in public spaces».

Winner of award in nomination «The best exhibition project» with the project «Street Dirt».

Winner of street art festival «Ecology of the space» in nomination «Social art».

Winner in nomination «The best art-action» according to with the project «Street Dirt».

Nominee of Moscow international advertisement festival Red Apple in nomination «Nonstandart social advertisement», the third place at the same festival in nomination «Nonstandart social advertisement – new media».

Bronze medalist of the Kiev international advertisement festival in nomination «Outdoor».

Silver medalist of the social advertisement festival «It's time!» in nomination «ambient-media, professional works» with the project «Street Dirt».

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