Damir Muratov

Damir Muratov

Damir Muratov was born in 1967 in Tobolsk, Tyumen region.
In 1998 graduated from the Arts and Graphics Faculty of the Omsk State AM Gorky Pedagogical University. Takes part in exhibitions since 1988. Besides contemporary painting, Damir Muratov is also created the design for many theatrical projects, paying special attention to the puppet theater.

Damir Muratov is one of the most witty contemporary artists in Russia. The theme of «Soviet Union», which he introduces into his art, is not colored ideologically. These are elements of the “landscape” that have surrounded him since childhood, to which he treats contemplatively, without evaluating critically. This is some kind of reality in which part of life has already gone. Damir Muratov’s projects are reflections on time as a passing substance, which he transmits through reference to Soviet images, choosing ephemeral objects, such as labels, candy wrappers and consumer goods as reference materials for his works. However, interpretation of these objects contained humorous and sometimes even sarcastic essence, used by the artist. With his revision the slogan «All Power to the Soviets» became almost vibrant and cosy, just adding a continuation «and Love» Muratov «played» with every artwork in this way, making them mythological and giving a new meaning and sense, created the «parallel Soviet world» which we remembered with only warm feelings.
Damir Muratov lives and works in Omsk.

Selected solo Exhibitions


Forever.X-MAX Gallery, Ufa

Opera of Tree Rings. Dukley European Art Community, Budva
Stop. 11.12 Gallery, Moscow


Near the Deep Blue Sea. Artetage Museum of Comtemporary Art, Vladivostok
Short Stories. 11.12 Gallery, Moscow


Anti-Utopia. Norilsk Art Gallery, Norilsk

Forever. Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow


Art of Ghosts. 11.12 Gallery, Moscow


Random Skier.Dukley Art Center, Kotor

Moss.11.12 Gallery, Moscow


From Siberia with Love. 11.12 Gallery, Moscow

White Soldiers.ErartaMuseum of ModernArt, Saint – Petersburg


How I Spent Summer. Boli Sher Gallery, Omsk

The End of Color.X-Max Gallery, Ufa

2011 – 2012 

Everything Will Be Covered by Needles of Our Cedars. White Cube Gallery, Omsk; Krasnoyarsk Cultural-Historical Museum Complex

2009 — 2010 

Bednotown News. Old Town Gallery, Novosibirsk; Tomsk Regional Art Museum


Pictures for Vagrants. State Art Museum of Altai Territory, Barnaul


Veni, Vidi…  Omsk Regional M.A. Vrubel Museum of Fine Arts


Trophiesof Cheburashka. Performance. Kuchum Gallery, Omsk


Siberia—Maritime Power. Actors House, Omsk


Exhibition at the State Archives of the Administration of Omsk Region, Omsk


Selected group exhibitions


Unexpected Guests. BIZON Gallery, Kazan
Siberian Escapism. Creative Association WIP,Moscow
Little and Odd Things. Palto Gallery. CUBE Moscow, Moscow


Space Is Ours. Art Story Gallery, Moscow

Out of the Capital’s Borders. Miras Gallery, Ufa

You Is This All. Sinara Art Gallery, Ekaterinburg
Mixed Media. Gogol’s House,Moscow


Nostalgiafor Reality. Artplay, Moscow


The 12th Time Zone. NEMOSKVA. Bozar Center of Fine Arts, Brussels

Siberian Irony Conceptualism. Ploschad Mira Museum, Krasnoyarsk

Stripped Voyage. 11.12 GALLERY


XVIIIBucharest International Biennial for Contemporary Art. Atelier 030202,Bucharest

Motherland in Art. Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow, Krakow

The State Is Not a Work of Art. Tallin Art Hall, Tallinn

Dedicated to the Victims of Political Repressions. Multimedia Art Museum,Moscow

Actual Russia: Playing Classics. The Saratov Art Museum named after A.N. Radischev, Saratov

Actual Russia: Playing Classics. Don State Public Library, Rostov-on-Don


SatelliteoverMonchegorsk.Space Theme in Art of Artists of XXI century. City Center of Culture of Monchegorsk, Monchegorsk 

New Malachite Box. Bazhov Fest. New Ural mythology. Ural branch of the State Centre of ModernArt, Yekaterinburg

Actual Russia: Playing Classics. The Russian Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art, Moscow

Brighter Days Are Coming. Street Art Museum, Saint – Petersburg

Garage Triennial of Russian Contemporary Art. Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

Pictures of Nothing. PG Art Gallery, Istanbul

Art Riot. Saatchi Gallery, London


Kastan’edy. At Shabolovka Gallery, Moscow

You Can’t Do That. 11.12 Gallery, Moscow

Ural – Transtsendental. VI Moscow Biennale Of Contemporary Art. Artplay Design Center, Moscow

Sibir! Sibir! Festival of contemporary culture of Siberia. Zahradnik Gallery, Prague

Remember tomorrow. Street Art Museum, Saint – Petersburg


On the wave. ActualArt from Latvia and Siberia. Rīgas Mākslas Telpa, Riga

2012 — 2013 

United States of Siberia. White Nights Festival, Perm; Siberian Center for Contemporary Art, Novosibirsk

2009 — 2012  

Look! How We Made Art of the 2000s. Siberian Center for Contemporary Art, Novosibirsk; Omsk Regional Museum of Fine Arts named after М.А. Vrubel; Kemerovo Regional Museum of Fine Arts, Tyumen Regional Museum of Fine Arts, Tomsk Regional Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art named after Nail Latfullin, Ufa


Gates and Doors. The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg

Feminine, Too Feminine. RuArts Gallery, Moscow

Water Treatment. L Gallery, Moscow

Let's Have a Smoke.Lazarev Gallery, Moscow

Peeping. Special project within the IV Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art. At Vspolny Gallery, Moscow

Siberian Pantheon. Special project within the IX Krasnoyarsk Museum Biennale “In the Depth”, Krasnoyarsk Cultural-Historical Museum Complex


Tunguska Substance.Krasnoyarsk Cultural-Historical Museum Complex

OceAinu or Traces in the Ocean. Omsk Regional Museum of Fine Arts named after М.А. Vrubel


New Angelarium. Moscow Museum of Modern Art


Be My Guest! Kvadrat Art Gallery, Omsk


Art-Constitution. Moscow Museum of Modern Art

Squirrels Visit Vova.Kuchum Gallery, Omsk

Antiquity Through Ages. Omsk Regional Museum of Fine Arts named after М.А. Vrubel

Without the horizon+. Omsk Regional Museum of Fine Arts named after М.А. Vrubel


ARTS 2003. Sokolniki Exhibition Center, Moscow

Sky of Manholes aboveChinese Fence.Kuchum Gallery, Omsk

Hundred artists of Siberia. Novokuznetsk Museum of Art

From stool to throne. The chair: art, function, image. Omsk Regional Museum of Fine Arts named after М.А. Vrubel

Direct speech. The art of communication. Omsk Regional Museum of Fine Arts named after М.А. Vrubel


Siberian garden – territory of dreams. Artist's House, Omsk


Museums of World — at Mira Square. IIIInternational Krasnoyarsk Museum Biennale, Krasnoyarsk Cultural-Historical Museum Complex

Easel Graphics. I Novosibirsk Biennale. Novosibirsk Art Gallery

1998 — 2001

Object.Golden PathGallery-Studio, Omsk


Man in the Space of Time. Art of Omsk City Museum


War and Peace or Hell and Heaven in the Works of Artists of the Post-War Generations. Art of Omsk City Museum


At the Turn of Epochs. Art of Omsk City Museum

Exhibition dedicated to the 10th Anniversary of Zelenogorsk City Art Museum. Krasnoyarsk Krai, Zelenogorsk

Omsk Artists. Visits. Museum of Fine Arts, Kurgan


Counter-movement. Omsk Regional Museum of Fine Arts named after М.А. Vrubel 


Synthesis-2. Omsk Regional Museum of Fine Arts, Omsk


Modern Siberian Art. Warsaw Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw


Exhibition of the Association of Artists «Bashnya». Actors House, Omsk

selected Art Fairs


Cosmoscow International Contemporary Art Fair. Moscow

Da!Moscow International Contemporary Art Fair. Moscow 


Cosmoscow International Contemporary Art Fair. Moscow

Da!Moscow International Contemporary Art Fair. Moscow 


Cosmoscow International Contemporary Art Fair. Moscow


ScopeInternational Contemporary Art Show. Basel


ScopeMiami Beach International Contemporary Art Show. Miami

2003 — 2007 

7 —11th Art Moscow International Art Fair. Moscow


Art ManezhFair. Manezh Central Exhibition Hall, Moscow

selected public and private collections

Omsk City Museum ofArt

Liberov-CenterState Regional Museumof Art, Omsk

Altai Krai State Museum of Art, Barnaul

Zelenogorsk Museum and Exhibition Center

Krasnoyarsk Cultural-Historical Museum Complex

Kurgan Regional Museumof Art

Moscow Museum of Modern Art

Art4.ru Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow

BU Kashkin Museum, Yekaterinburg

Novokuznetsk Museum of Art

Novosibirsk State Museum of Art

Omsk Regional Museum of Fine Arts named after М.А. Vrubel

Tomsk Regional Museumof Art

Surgut Museumof Art

Museum of Organic Culture, Kolomna

Roman Abramovich Collection, London

Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantin Sorokin Foundation, Moscow

Aksenov Family Foundation, Moscow

Pierre-Christian Brochet’s Collection, Moscow

selected bibliography



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