Anna Selina

Anna Selina

Anna Selina was born in 1990 in Moscow.
From 2007 to 2012 she studied at Moscow Academic Art College Of Memory Of 1905. Then she graduated from Free Workshops in 2013 and Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after Surikov in 2017.
Since 2015 she is a member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia.

The author’s method does not include narration as such as usual. The artist makes a choice to create a direction of the visual in the absence of a clear conceptual component. Combine markers of the “old masters” technique and symbols of the modern world creates a unique stylistic. At the same time, the eclectic atmosphere of the works contains of the iconic images of different centuries, which coexist all together. The artist under the layers of painting encrypted unreadable characters, similar to personal, non-representative memories. Hence, each work is self-sufficient, always with its final statement: these are not puzzles or fragments that need to be grouped into something solid. Compositionally and plastically the artworks united by its attitude to the picturesque space. The artist creates her own fantastic image of the world, first she it is needed to be destroyed, later it will be created again. In the reality built by the author, there is no room for flaws and distortions. The characters reached a level of harmony with respect to the environment, but at the same time everything is at a state of disturbing uncertainty, in tense waiting for an unknown. At the same time, the cycle of life in the world is impetuous. The collapse of the old foundation starts the process of forming the fundament of a new reality, where the hinge dolls can be reassembled. The artist synthesizes the sensations of destruction and creation into a single emotional fusion and transmits it to the canvas.
The artist lives and works in Moscow.

Selected Solo Exhibitions



Why So Serious? 11.12 GALLERY, Moscow



The Garden of Anhedonia. 11.12 GALLERY, Moscow



Selected Group exhibitions



New Beautiful Exhibition. Summer. Zaryadye, Moscow

Art Beyond Time. Cube, Moscow


Out of the Capital’s Borders. Miras Gallery, Ufa
Yes! 11.12!
11.12 GALLERY, Moscow



Para Bellum. City Contemporary Art Museum, Vladivostok

Looking Glass. The Manege Central Exhibition Hall, Saint Petersburg



The Exhibition of Aidan Salakhova and Sergey Ossovskiy’s Workshop. THE PROCESS. New Academy. White Hall, the Center of Contemporary Art Winzavod, Moscow



The Third Charity Exhibition. Omelchenko Gallery, Moscow

Beauty. The Museum of Geology, Moscow

Actual Russia: Playing Classics. Don State Public Library, Rostov-on-Don

Jogging Around Tobolsk. The Pearl of Tobolsk, Tobolsk

Actual Russia: Playing Classics. Volgograd Museum named after I.I. Mashkov, Volgograd



Form Festival. True (Center of Urban Culture), Moscow

On the Human Side. The Central House of Artists, Moscow

Sale. Aidan Studio, Moscow

I Want. Aidan Studio, Moscow



EgoCentria. Red Hall, CCA Winzavod, Moscow

Offline/Online. Aidan Studio, Moscow



Cimmeria. The House of Culture Svobodyi, Moscow

Selected Art Fairs


Contemporary Art Fair 1703. Saint Petersburg


International Contemporary Art Fair Blazar. Moscow


International Contemporary Art Fair Cosmoscow. Moscow

International Contemporary Art Fair Blazar. Moscow



International Contemporary Art Fair Art Wynwood. Miami

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