Vladimir Marin

Vladimir Marin was born in 1984, graduated from Obninsk Polittekhnikum and Moscow State University of Design and Technology.

The artist works with objects that, at first glance, seem to be “found”, but, in fact, they were created from scratch. They are based on the use of recognizable images and familiar things. By exploring and modifying everyday objects through artistic means, from house-hold appliances to architectural elements, he transforms them into visual stories that con-vey the essence of modern life.

In the project “Snowdrifts” Vladimir Marin was inspired by the winter urban landscapes, in which the snow changes the outlines of familiar things: the shapes of outdoor objects change, deform and smooth out. Winter is the main shaper, transforming and destroying, covering and “depersonalizing” objects with white snow. It is no coincidence that the artist chose this color, allowing us to discard all unnecessary and focus only on the shape and volume of a particular work. Animal and people tracks, car tires and water corrode the layer of snow, leaving intricate designs on the surface. Vladimir Marin snatches out these small miniatures and focuses on them, forcing to stop and take a fresh look at these habitual phenomena. Seeing the beauty and uniqueness in the simplest things is the main task of the artist.

Vladimir Marin uses text in his art as well, continuing the tradition of artists of the Moscow Conceptual School, who worked on the theme of everyday life, using the text to enhance the artistic content, but Vladimir Marin “pulls” it to the fore. Thus, aspects that were im-portant for conceptualists are changed: in Marin’s interpretation, the word and symbol be-come dominant in relation to the everyday context. Nevertheless, they share a common desire to romanticize the image passed through the poetic perception of the surrounding reality.

He lives and works in Kaluga.

Selected Solo Exhibitions



Writings. 11.12 GALLERY, Moscow



Snowdrifts. 11.12 GALLERY, Moscow



Compelling Evidence. 11.12 GALLERY, Moscow



Yard Pop Art. 11.12 GALLERY, Moscow



Simply a Pity about the Trees. Parallel Program of V Moscow International Biennale of Contemporary Art. 11.12 Gallery, Moscow



Over the Fences. 11.12 GALLERY, Moscow




Selected Group exhibitions



Nostalgia for Reality. Artplay, Moscow



New Veschizm: from a Tool to the Sculpture. Omelchenko Gallery, Moscow



Thank You, Please, Sorry. Strategic project of VI Moscow International Biennale of Young Art. The State Centre of Contemporary Art, Moscow



Satellite over Monchegorsk. Space Theme in Art of Artists of XXI century. City Center of Culture of Monchegorsk, Monchegorsk



Something Is Brewing. Varochniy Tsekh Project, Mytischi

VI Moscow International Biennale of Contemporary Art. VDNH, Central Pavilion, Moscow

III Industrial Biennale of Contemporary Art. Iset’ Hotel, Ekaterinburg



Beauty of Ugliness. Belyaevo Gallery, Moscow

Are You Ready for the Flight? Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow



Russian Export. 55 Sydenham Road, Sydney

The Exhibition of Students of “Open Workshops”. Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow



Anonimous. Museum of Contemporary Art PERMM, Perm’



Festival of Discoveries. The House of Music, Kaluga

The Exhibition of Winners of Prize «The Best Photographer 2010». The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography, Moscow

Searching and Experiment in Art. и эксперимент в искусстве. The House of Music, Kaluga

selected Art Fairs



Blazar International Contemporary Art Fair. Moscow



Cosmoscow International Contemporary Art Fair. Moscow



Art Stage International Contemporary Art Fair. Singapore



Scope Miami Beach International Contemporary Art Show. Miami

Art Moscow International Art Fair. Moscow

Author’s works