Kirill Manchunsky

Kirill Manchunsky was born in Kazakhstan but moved to Moscow where was educated at the State University of Land Use Planning. After a serious spinal injury at the age of 19, he began studying contemporary art and entered the Institute of Contemporary Art Moscow (IPSI) in 2017, and then the Baza Institute in 2020. In 2021 he became the resident of MaxArt Foundation. In 2022 he participated as a member of Open Studios in CCA Winzavod.

Kirill Manchunsky manages to combine different visual and cultural codes in his practice, which often argues with each other, due to that the artworks begin to create their own language, which claims to be understandable to any observer. The main medium is embroidery, it presents a large layer of well-established associations (starting at least with the fact that traditionally needlework is considered to be “women’s” work) and appeals to personal spectator memories. But this does not fall apart with the content in any way: it is attractive and recognizable, causes a child’s desire to «touch” it. Here is what the artist himself says about his artworks: “First there is an idea that is being refined during the process of creating it. I create a story around the artwork. Above all else, it should be witty or funny, evoke positive emotions in a person.”
Kirill Manchunsky currently lives and works in Moscow.

selected exhIbition history


Ketchup and Mayonnaise. Kupol Gallery, Moscow
Barn. 11.12 GALLERY, Moscow



Selected Group exhibitions



Monsters under a Bed. Third Place, Saint Petersburg
rhIZOme. MaxArt Foundation, Moscow
Was Given. Exhibition of Graduated Students of Baza Institute. CCA Winzavod
Between the Lines. Textual in Visual. Triumph Gallery, Moscow
Young Art. BIZON Gallery, Kazan
You Are Not Recognizable. Sevkabel-Port, Saint Petersburg



When I Grow Up…(?). DiDi Art Gallery, Saint-Petersburg



Krukriniksyi. Here at Taganka Gallery, Moscow

And We'll Hang the Portrait Here. Here at Taganka Gallery, Moscow



StartArt. Bakinskiy Dvorik, Moscow
КОТ ArtFest. ARTPLAY, Moscow



Die Wahrheit. Saint-Petersburg ArtLoft, Berlin
Shame. OpenSpace 451, Moscow
StartArt. Promzona, Moscow



Borders. Ilya Kabakov’s Workshop, Moscow
Boogie Gallery. Gostiny Dvor, Moscow
Russian Art Park. Kristall Factory, Moscow



SAMOTЁКА. Tsvetnoy Manor, Moscow 
Culture Is a Human, Society Is a State. Moscow House of Artist, Moscow

Golden Bee. Central House of Artist, Moscow 

Author’s works