Sergey Ovseykin

Sergey Ovseykin

Sergey Ovseykin was born in 1988 in Moscow, where he graduated from the university with a degree in graphic design in 2011.
In 2002, he formed the creative association of street artists named ZUKCLUB, the leader of which remains to this day. Many large-scale murals around the world, as well as the organization of the first Russian festival of street art Street Art Week in 2009, were created by the art group.

Since 2012, Ovseykin has been participating alone or together with ZUKCLUB in international festivals, residencies and projects, including Desvelarte in Santander, Black River in Vienna, Arte Urbano in Switzerland, Into the Valley in Estonia, Gorilla in Tulum, Carte Blanche in Yekaterinburg, etc. It should be also mentioned the work with the Department of Moscow, in which the projects “Russian Avant-garde” and “Heritage” were organized with the portraits of cultural and art figures (Einstein, Stravinsky, Rodchenko, Bulgakov, etc.) In Vyksa for the Industrial Park project, the artist created a large-scale mural based on the work of Eric Bulatov. In 2022, together with Slava Ptrk Ovseykin organizes a satellite of the main program of the Carte Blanche street art festival in Israel.
Sergey Ovseykin’s artworks simultaneously refer to several recognizable trends, or even to certain artists at once. Moscow conceptualism gets along well with op-art, and De Chirico’s metaphysical painting finds a common language with Koons’ neo-pop. Moreover, the visual beauty and refinement of the drawing contrasts with its internal content, the theme of which is given deliberately straightforwardly.
In his art, Sergey Ovseykin offers a possible solution – to accumulate the potential formal capacity of already invented artistic directions. According to the author: “The best style is the absence of style, because in this way it is impossible to become its hostage”. With the condition that each work has a certain meaning, united by a common theme, a completely different view of what the author’s manner of modern artistic vision can be is born from this “patchwork quilt”.
Often the main characters of Ovseykin’s art are people, animals, angels, homeless people, the media and many other images that somehow make you think about the world and the place of a person in it. Plunging into the associative series proposed by the artist, we discover the world of irony, humor and energy that he invests in his works through paint.
The artist lives and works in Tel Aviv currently.

Selected solo exhibitions



No Words. 11.12 GALLERY, Moscow



Up in the Air. 11.12 GALLERY, Moscow



Stranger Things. Deus Gallery, Bali



Reflective. Artyfarty Gallery, Cologne



Selected group exhibitions



Ilia Ilf Odessa Muscovite. Gilyarovsky center, Moscow

Art Station. Karelia

Ilia Ilf Is Registered in Moscow. Bulgakov Museum, Moscow

Kart Blansh Festival. Ekaterinburg

Gamma Festival. Moscow

Artmosphere. Ruarts Gallery, Moscow

Industrial Street Art Park. Vyksa



Don Quixote Project. Sosua

Reart Festival. Moscow

Alushta Green Festival. Crimea

Arteria Project. Morozov Hospital, Moscow



Keep my Speech Forever. Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center, Moscow

Wall Elements. Manage Center Exhibition Hall, Saint Petersburg

Long Stories of Perm Festival. Perm

Mural Festival. Almaty



Taste of Paper Festival. Winzavod Center of Contemporary Art, Moscow

Sample. Triumph Gallery, Moscow

Mira Mikati. Paris Fashion Week, Paris

Art Court. Flacon, Moscow

Chilim Festival. Astrahan

Umestnie Festival. Tskhinval

Into the Valley Festival. Rummu

Geek Picniс Festival. Kolomenskoe Park, Moscow

Geometry to Children. Central Park of Culture and Leisure, Moscow

Deus conservat omnia. Gogol-center, Moscow



Taste of Paper Festival. Winzavod Center of Contemporary Art, Moscow

Steps Project. Street Art Museum, Saint Petersburg

Green Jam Festival. Moscow

Simple Equality: Inner Modernism. The parallel program of V Moscow International Biennale of Young Art. Ground Peschanaya Gallery, Moscow

One-Story America: Based on real events. Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow



Something Is Happening. Parallel Program of VI Moscow International Biennale of Contemporary Art, Mytischi

Huellas del arte Festival. Maracay

Freigeist Festival. Bamberg

Remember Tomorrow. Street Art Museum, Saint Petersburg

Celebrating Creativity Festival. Amsterdam

Sand, Sea and Spray Festival. Blackpool

Storp 9 Festival. Essen

Pop Up Gallery. Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow

Group Exhibition. Fine Art Gallery, Moscow

Outline Festival. Moscow



Arte Urbana Festival. Lugano

Group Exhibition. Belyaevo Gallery, Moscow

Wall Elements. Ruarts Gallery, Moscow

International Biennale of Street Art Artmosphere. Artplay, Moscow

Street Art Group Exhibition. State Architecture Museum named after Schusev, Moscow

Group Exhibition. Pereschetov Pereulok Gallery, Moscow

Outline Festival. Moscow

Museums Quartier Festival. Vienna

Tranzit Zone. PERMM Museum of Contemporary Art, Perm



In Sight. Moskvich Culture Center, Moscow

Art Ovrag Festival. Vyksa

Storp 9 Festival. Essen

Burn Yard Festival. Budapest



Desvelarte Festival. Santander

Black River Festival. Vienna

Urban Contest Festival. Rome

Selected art fairs


Art Moscow Contemporary Art Fair. Moscow
1703 Contemporary Art Fair. Saint Petersburg

DA! MOSCOW International Contemporary Art Fair. Moscow

Blazar Contemporary Art Fair of Young Artists. Moscow


Cosmoscow International Contemporary Art Fair. Moscow

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